Oscar Cheda named Casting Director @The Kitchen







FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                               AUGUST 3, 2017


MIAMI:  Oscar Cheda has joined The Kitchen as Casting Director effective immediately, announced Ken Lorber, President/CEO of the Emmy Award Winning language localization studio.


Oscar has been affiliated with The Kitchen from its infancy, first as a voice talent, and then as an Artistic Director for both the English and Latin Spanish languages.


Having formed his own company, OC Production Services in the mid 2000’s, Oscar left The Kitchen on a full time basis, but stayed close throughout the years, serving as a very popular voice talent.


“My own experience as a talent, working in numerous cartoons, novelas, features and series, for The Kitchen, coupled with my singing capabilities, gives me a unique perspective and a true understanding of the importance of good casting,” Cheda contributed.


“I’m in a very unique position,” Oscar Cheda explained.  “I have seen The Kitchen grow from a start-up company to theinternational powerhouse it is now.  I do believe that I can make a difference.  I very much look forward to playing a part in the continued growth of The Kitchen and am happy to now be a part of the “family” once again.”


Oscar will be located in The Kitchen-Miami studios and can be reached directly at casting@thekitchen.tv.


The Kitchen is the industry’s only Emmy Award Winning language translation, dubbing and subtitling services studio.  Headquartered in Miami, additional “Kitchen’s” are now located in Venezuela, South Africa, Turkey, Moldova, Italy, Morocco, Spain and Russia.


For additional information please visit the company website at www.thekitchen.tv.















FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                     August 3, 2017


MIAMI:  MIPCOM demo dubbing season has begun at all of The Kitchen's worldwide.  Here’s an opportunity to showcase your new programming in every language!  There is no better sales tool on the floor of the Palais!  From The Kitchen Miami, Venezuela, South Africa, Germany, Russia, Moldova and Turkey.....demo dubbing is in season!


For 16 years and 16 MIPCOM’s, The Kitchen has provided new program demos, in every language, for producers and distributors, networks and studios, all wanting to showcase their new offerings with immediate impact.


“There is no better way to get the attention of a possible buyer from a new language territory than to share a preview of your new programs, in every language,” Deeny Kaplan, Executive Vice President, explained. “And what an honor to walk through the Palais and hear all of our voices, in all of our languages! There is no greater satisfaction than knowing we’ve contributed to the MIPCOM sales of so many of our clients,” Kaplan added.


The Kitchen is the industry’s only Emmy Award Winning language translation, dubbing and subtitling studio, with facilities worldwide, and new “Kitchen countries to be announced shortly.


Email info@thekitchen.tv for details and to arrange for your own MIPCOM demos.




The Kitchen to E3






May 22, 2017


MIAMI/LA:  E3, the world's premiere event for digital entertainment for PC, consoles, mobile platforms, and virtual reality, will take place June 13-15 in Los Angeles, and The Kitchen, the world’s only Emmy Award Winning language localization studios, will be there to share its expertise.


Ken Lorber, President/CEO, and Julia Sales, Video Game Lead, for The Kitchen, will be in attendance and will be available throughout the conclave.


The 16-year old “Kitchen” operation works to and from all languages, with studios located in Miami; Venezuela; South Africa; Moldova; Ruasia; Germany and Turkey.  Six additional locations will be identified before the end of the year.


“Our on-going goal,” explained President/CEO Ken Lorber,
is to offer the same quality that we are known for, with the very best pricing in the business, every time.  By owning our own studios, we eliminate the middle-man, so there is no mark up in costs.  It’s “The Kitchen” doing it the right way!”


With such clients as: NBC/Universal; Nickelodeon; Showtime; Lionsgate; Ubisoft; Turner; PBS; Sesame Workshop; Animaccord; WWE and on and on, The Kitchen has become the “go to” studio for all language needs.


To arrange a meeting during E3 please email info@thekitchen.tv.  For more information please visit the company website at www.thekitchen.tv.






Scheduled for: Monday evening, FEBRUARY 8, 2016, 6:30-9:30pm

This coming February 8, from 6:30pm-9:30pm, The City of Miami will host its second annual Kidscreen conference, at The Intercontinental Hotel, just blocks away from The Kitchen dubbing studios. In celebration of this exciting event The Kitchen, and The City of Miami, will again open its entire facility to the second annual “Welcome to Miami Kidscreen” party and all Kidscreen guests are invited.

There are still some unique sponsorship opportunities available for creators of children’s programming.   Call Deeny Kaplan, Exec. Vice President, directly at 305 415 6163 if you are interested. “There isn’t a better way to showcase your programming to potential buyers, than to give them the opportunity to lend their own voice to your characters, in one of 18 dubbing studios at The Kitchen,” Deeny Kaplan added.

The Intercontinental Hotel is a just a five minute ride, via free trolley, to and from The Kitchen’s dubbing studios.  This makes it easy to go from one venue to the other, in a relaxed, open trolley that will keep attendees right in the heart of all that Miami has to offer.




The Industry’s Only Emmy Winning Dubbing Studios


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                    October 26, 2015

MIAMI/JOHANNESBURG:  The Kitchen, the industry’s only Emmy Award Winning language dubbing studios, will be returning to DISCOP Africa again this year.

The leader provider of language dubbing for the pan-African market is excited to again be a part of DISCOP Africa and is thrilled to be an important and major contributor to the success of the African television market.

 “DISCOP Africa has become one of our most successful markets each year,” Ken Lorber, President/CEO of The Kitchen, explained.  “It is an excellent opportunity for us to meet face to face with the programmers, distributors, producers, networks and studios from around the globe, all wishing to air their product on the African TV networks”. 

While The Kitchen dubs all languages, into US English, Brazilian Portuguese and Parisian French, it relies on its close association with Ear Candy, South Africa’s leading dubbing company, to provide many of the local Sub-saharan African languages

“Our understanding of the African market has given us the opportunity to lead the industry in providing localized content for all formats of programming,” Lorber continued, “however it is no secret that the telenovela genre continues to rank high amongst African viewer requests throughout the continent.  That’s why there is so much demand for the localized product, and we’re convinced that nobody does it better than we do here at The Kitchen.”

According to DISCOP, “The African marketplace is now worth HALF A BILLION US DOLLARS in annual TV content sales, twice more than three years ago”. The Kitchen’s growth continues to emulate this growth, as new studios, staff and technology continue to expand and evolve with the expanding needs of its global clients.

The Kitchen recently announced the formation of a joint venture with Cisneros Media Distribution whereby 12 new recording studios will be constructed in Venezuela for the exclusive use of The Kitchen, for Latam Spanish dubbing.  This will bring to 30, the total number of studios being operated by The Kitchen.

Ken Lorber, along with Deeny Kaplan, Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing, will be on hand throughout DISCOP Africa.

Please visit The Kitchen at VB 24.

The Kitchen website can be found at www.thekitchen.tv


CMD & The Kitchen

Cisneros Media Distribution and The Kitchen

Join Forces to Expand Dubbing and Media Services


MIAMI – September 8, 2015 - Cisneros Media Distribution (CMD), a global distributor of entertainment content, and The Kitchen, an award-winning language translation, dubbing and subtitling services studio, today announced a strategic alliance to offer specialized dubbing services for the world’s Spanish-speaking markets, effective immediately.

Under the newly-formed alliance, The Kitchen will be the exclusive sales and marketing agent for Latin Spanish dubbing worldwide and Cisneros Media Distribution will be the exclusive provider of the voices, utilizing its large cast of actors and actresses under contract with its affiliated production companies in Venezuela.

The Kitchen will share its expertise in all facets of dubbing and its Emmy award-winning language technology with Cisneros Media Distribution.  The alliance will also allow The Kitchen to expand its offerings of post-production and media services, leveraging those services provided by Cisneros Media’s companies for more than 50 years.

“We always look to continue to diversify and strengthen our position in the industry, and through this alliance with The Kitchen, we are expanding our business model to offer additional services to our clientele; it’s a natural progression for us,” stated Cosme Lopez, SVP & General Manager of Pay TV Channels & Services of Cisneros Media Distribution.  “We’ve known of The Kitchen’s professionalism and vast experience in the language business, and we look forward to extending this alliance in the coming years.  Together, our goal is not only to become the leader in Spanish-language dubbing for the Americas, but to increase our reach and services to become the principal provider of multi-lingual dubbing in the world market.”

“While The Kitchen has always offered Latin Spanish dubbing in our Miami facility,” explained Ken Lorber, President/CEO of The Kitchen, “it was difficult to offer competitive pricing for the Latin, or Neutral Spanish markets.  Our goal, for the past 15 years, has always been to look for better ways in which to service our global clients, and we couldn’t be more excited by this new alliance, which allows us to do just that.”.

“Our Miami studios,” Lorber continued, “specialize in providing dubbing and subtitling into U.S. English, Parisian French, Brazilian Portuguese, as well as other languages. Working together with Cisneros Media Distribution, we will be able to share an abundance of knowledge, experience and talent, while offering the most competitive Latin Spanish dubbing rates in the industry, as well as other media services for the market.”

An abundance of new programming, originated in Turkish, Hindi, French, Mandarin and Korean, for example, continues to penetrate every country around the globe and language is no longer a barrier. With the proliferation of new formats and digital platforms, the need for global language services is even greater.  The coming-together of these two companies is certain to provide the highest quality and most competitively priced solutions for language dubbing.

“This is a great business opportunity for Cisneros Media Distribution and The Kitchen,” Lorber added.  “We’re offering the very best of both worlds, putting all of our services and resources into this new venture, combining the Emmy award-winning technology and language service experience of The Kitchen, and the multi-faceted and global media expertise of Cisneros Media Distribution.”

MIPCOM Announcement:

Location and time, for the joint venture’s official announcement will be provided via invitation.



Todd Michael Jamison, Public Relations Director, Cisneros (tjamison@cisneros.com)

Cosme Lopez, SVP & GM, Pay TV Channels & Services, CMD (clopez@cisneros.com)

Wilma Maciel, Vice President, Content Management & Acquisitions, CMD (wmaciel@cisneros.com))

Deeny Kaplan, Executive Vice President, The Kitchen (deeny@thekitchen.tv).

                                                      Alexis Cardenas, VP International Sales, The Kitchen (alexis@thekitchen.tv




ABOUT CISNEROS MEDIA DISTRIBUTION: Cisneros Media Distribution (CMD) is a global distributor of entertainment content with more than 35 years at the forefront of the industry. Part of the Cisneros Media corporate division, CMD markets the products of its affiliated production companies - Cisneros Studios, the largest independent producer of Hispanic content in the United States, and Venevision, the leading broadcaster and producer in Venezuela - in addition to the catalogues of key independent production houses from around the world, amassing a library of more than 30,000 hours of entertainment content, distributed in more than 100 countries and more than 20 languages. Based in Miami, Florida, Cisneros Media Distribution also offers Pay TV channels and services, including its cable networks, Venevision Plus, VmasTV and VePlusTV, which reach millions of households in Latin America and the Caribbean. For more information, please visit www.CisnerosMediaDist.com


ABOUT THE KITCHEN: The Kitchen, LLC is the entertainment industry’s only Emmy Award Winning language translation, dubbing and subtitling services studios, having received two Prime Time Emmy statues from the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, for the development of the industry’s only “end to end” language customization suite of software tools. The Kitchen currently houses 18 language dubbing suites in its Miami studios, and will be adding an additional 12 suites within the Cisneros Media complex in Venezuela. For more information, please visit www.thekitchen.tv

                                                                                    Ken Lorber                                                                                  President/CEO                                                                                      The Kitchen

                                                                                    Ken Lorber


                                                                                     The Kitchen

                                                                          Cosme Lopez

                                                                           SVP & GM

                                                                Pay TV Channels & Services

                                                              Cisneros Media & Distributions




MIAMI: MIPCOM is still a few months away, but The Kitchen is already busy preparing new demos, in multiple languages, for clients to showcase their new programming direct to potential buyers from their stands on the floor of the Palais.


There is no better tool to literally stop traffic.  Imagine being able to showcase your MIPCOM offerings in Latin Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Parisian French, Arabic, Hebrew, Russian, German or Polish?


“We introduced the concept of showcasing new programs in multiple languages nearly 15 years ago,” Deeny Kaplan, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, for the industry’s only Emmy Award Winning language dubbing studios’ explained.


“And our studios are now busy dubbing new telenovelas; cartoons; reality shows; documentaries and live action series, to and from just about every language you can think of,” Kaplan continued.  “We get a kick walking through the Palais and hearing our demos,” she added.  “And we are especially proud of the success record that these demos have brought our international clients.”


For more information about having your program demos dubbed into multiple languages contact: info@thekitchen.tv.










MIAMI: This summer, The Kitchen’s Miami dubbing studios will be adding 4 new dubbing suites to its facility, bringing the total number of studios in the Miami operation to 18.


“A magic number,” explained Tim Fox, VP Engineering and Facilities.  “Earlier this year we officially took over the entire five story building, and we officially named the structure, The Kitchen Building. With the addition of these new dubbing suites, we will be capable of completing almost 100 hours of dubbing weekly.  With an extensive schedule that keeps our entire team-from translation to production and mixing on its toes, we anticipate the additional studios to open up new possibilities for our clients. Our philosophy is to always be capable of meeting the growing needs of our clients. These new studios will enable us to do so.  We have also been very fortunate to have attracted some of the best talent to join our team and are very excited about our future”.


The Kitchen is the entertainment and production industry’s only Emmy Award Winning language translation, dubbing and subtitling services studios.  Now in its 14th year, the studios are recognized throughout the industry as one of the premiere dubbing companies in the world!


For more information please email: info@thekitchen.tv.