FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                          MIPCANCUN 2017

CANCUN The Kitchen will be represented at MIPCancun again this year, with Alexis Cardenas, VP International Sales, and Maritza Alvarado, VP/GM on hand to greet attendees of the three day Latin American programming, distribution and co-production event.

The Emmy Award Winning language studio will host a MIPCancun hospitality stand, specifically geared toward greeting clients and potential clients who are looking to localize their programming.

“But this year it is different,” Alexis Cardenas explained.  “We are now The Kitchen Worldwide, with Kitchen studios in: Russia; Moldova; Turkey; South Africa; Brazil; Germany; Morocco; France; Italy; Spain and South America, as well our home base in Miami. We have found that our Latin American clients do want to create localized versions of their programming for worldwide distribution and conversely, the foreign distributors want to sell their programming into Latin America.  So, as we always do, we’ve given our clients the way to do just that easily, at all of our international Kitchen locations.”

“It has been a thrilling year for The Kitchen,” Cardenas added.  “The excitement that has been generated with our ability to offer the same quality and consistency in our translation, dubbing and subtitling services in our international locations, has been overwhelmingly applauded by our global clients who are selling into multiple languages. Understanding the need to adapt to the local territory has always been a vital part of what we do, and now that we are dubbing into as many as a dozen languages for one series, understanding of the local culture is more important than ever.  Our new Kitchen’s are proud to be a part of this exciting team and we’re thrilled with the performance of all of them.”

The Kitchen is the industry’s only Emmy Award Winning language services company, having received two Prime Time Emmy Awards for “changing the face of the language localization business for ever more”, according to the Television Academy.

For more information please visit our website at and write to schedule a meeting during the event.


Alexis Cardenas, VP International Sales

Alexis Cardenas, VP International Sales