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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                   MIPCOM 2017


CANNES:  The Kitchen, the industry’s only Emmy Award Winning language translation, dubbing and subtitling studio, will be attending MIPCOM again this year, with all of their new international “Kitchen” studio execs in tow.

In the past six months, the 16 year old language studio has added “Kitchens” in: South America; Russia; Moldova; Turkey; South Africa; Morocco; Germany; Italy and Spain, with new studios to be introduced shortly.

 Yoram Chertok, Managing Director of The Kitchen EMEA is thrilled with the progress of the new division, “It’s only six months, and we’ve met our initial goal to increase languages and services for our clients by acquiring studios in territory and rebranding them as The Kitchen. And we intend to add new studios in more countries by the end of the year.”

The idea to have owned studios internationally gives The Kitchen the ability to retain competitive costs without markups, and deliver the same Kitchen quality that the studio is known for on a worldwide basis.

“There has never been a more opportune time to expand our language services to meet our clients needs,” Chertok added.  “Only 15 years ago the word ‘international ‘meant that programming was available in Spanish.  Now, when you deliver an international version, you deliver in multiple languages, and The Kitchen is poised to do exactly that.”

For more information, or to arrange a meeting with any of the international “Kitchens” during MIPCOM, please email: