More and more companies and government organizations operate in, or have the need to communicate with locations around the world where their employees, customers and vendors speak other languages. Even within the U.S. companies and governments need to reach customers who may not speak English. Many government organizations require that their English communications also be distributed in Neutral Spanish.

Language localization of business and technical videos and films require specialized skills due to what is often very unique terminology, graphics and subject matter. The Kitchen has many years of experience in working with corporate and government clients. We regularly provide language localization of training videos, website videos, corporate communications, government meetings and presentations. We work with advertising agencies to customize their commercial videos into other languages.

The Kitchen has translators, adaptors, artistic directors and voice talent who specialize in working with business and government videos. We work closely with each client to determine the best presentation style for their unique videos, including guidance in the decision to use lip synch, voice over or subtitling. Often the best solution is a combination of styles.

Most business and technical videos include graphics. Our experienced team of graphic designers will customize a solution for each video. We work with videos in any format including web-based and mobile formats. Our award-winning audio team is capable of adding sounds, boosting acoustics, leveling ambient sounds and more.

Our proprietary TM Systems™ software and processes allow us to complete projects on a quick turnaround basis, with greater efficiency and further reduction in the cost of language localization, especially when we are asked to localize material into multiple languages.