Tremendous Two-Year Growth In Ibero-American Dubbing


MIAMI: According to Alexis Cardenas, The Kitchen’s Director of Ibero-American sales, “Over the past two years, we have seen tremendous growth in our clients’ demand for localization of programming from these very important markets. There are three very definitive reasons for the increase in language versioning requests, both, to Latin Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese for local distribution and from Latin Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese for global distribution at The Kitchen, primarily: (1) we’ve seen more and greater investments of capital from local governments in programming for their own local distribution companies and producers, yielding a much greater need to export to foreign markets, resulting in greater dubbing sources here at The Kitchen; (2) statistics point to a much larger subscription base to paid television from Latin American households, resulting in demand for more diverse programming, and more sophisticated content; and (3) most importantly, there is now a much broader acceptance of content in Latin America from countries outside of the US.”

As a direct result of all of the above, The Kitchen now dubs telenovelas, series, cartoons and features from countries throughout the world, including: Greece; Turkey; Israel; Spain; Denmark; Portugal; China; France; Japan; Italy; Ireland; India and Amsterdam. TV viewers from around the globe have expanded their horizons, and are looking to television to offer a more intimate look at international cultures.

To fulfill these needs, The Kitchen has opened six additional language dubbing suites, working to and from all languages; has expanded its talent base, as well as its dubbing and translation teams, and now occupies the entire building at 265 NE 24th Street, just north of downtown Miami.

The Kitchen’s Miami-based studio headquarters has in-depth native talent, directors and translators dubbing all languages to

English; Parisian French; Brazilian Portuguese and Latin or Castilian Spanish.  All other languages are dubbed with partners in territories throughout the globe.

For more information please contact: Alexis Cardenas at, or by phone at 305 415-6219.

The Kitchen is the entertainment industry’s only Emmy Award Winning language translation, dubbing and subtitling service facility.  For more information please visit: