NATPE 2019




January 1, 2019                                                                        For Immediate Release

MIAMI: The Kitchen, the industry’s Emmy Award Winning language translation, dubbing & subtitling studios, welcomes NATPE 2019 to Miami.  As always, The Kitchen will participate in NATPE, with Alexis Cardenas, Deeny Kaplan and Ken Lorber in attendance.

Simultaneously, The Kitchen’s Miami studios, located just minutes from NATPE, in the trendy Wynwood/Edgewater section of Miami, will again hold its annual NATPE Open House week.  All attendees are welcome and private tours of the studios can be arranged by emailing

In addition to its Miami headquarters, The Kitchen studios are now located globally, with studios in: Mexico, Brazil, Russia, Germany, Hungary, Moldova, Turkey, Spain and France.   Additional Kitchen locations should be announced shortly.

“Our international growth has developed at an extremely rapid pace,” explained Ken Lorber, President/CEO of The Kitchen.  “We are responding directly to the global networks many of whom are seeking a centralized source to meet the demands of multi-language requirements. We have established a European sales office, in Madrid, helmed by Alexis Cardenas, VP International Sales, another direct response to client’s needs to work closely with their language studio of choice.”

“And as we begin 2019,” Ken Lorber concluded, “The Kitchen is uniquely situated to serve the expanding global needs of the industry’s increasing number of international clients. We will continue to grow our studio base into additional countries and will expand our services to an even greater degree throughout the year.”

For further information please visit The Kitchen website at, or email: