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Dubbing, Subtitling & Media Services Company

The Kitchen is considered one of the leading language customization companies in the world. For over 15 years, The Kitchen has been thought of as THE company where the individual attention and quality of work, that is put into every dubbing and subtitling project, is unparalleled.

With offices and studios in Miami and Caracas, and affiliates around the globe, The Kitchen, provides language services, to and from every language, and for all formats and genres of programming.

The Kitchen is the developer of the industry’s only Emmy® Award Winning language translation, dubbing and subtitling software technology, offering clients the best, most efficient and less costly language process every step of the way.

The Kitchen is the recipient of the AIM (Achievement in Media) Award from the National Association of Broadcasters as well.

The Kitchen’s reputation continues to grow among the industry’s leading programming distribution companies, networks, producers and studios worldwide.

As you browse this website, you will have an opportunity to review many of the dubbing and subtitling samples we feature. 

You will also be introduced to our talented and diversified key executives, as well as our very creative team of professionals.

We are known for our one-on-one customer service, and we are available 24/7 for all of your language needs.

Enjoy the site. And please feel free to utilize our on-line project request form for quick responses to all of your language customization questions and concerns.

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Dubbing offered by The Kitchen is done both at its company owned and operated facilities and with “partners” at dubbing facilities around the World.  The Kitchen maintains its own state of the art facilities in Miami for recording to and from every language to English, Neutral Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and Parisian French, and has a new facility in Caracas, specifically for Latin Spanish Dubbing. Most other foreign language translation and voice recording are sourced from highly qualified in-territory members of its’ Global Language Network. Videotapes are digitized at The Kitchen’s Miami facility and files are sent, swiftly and securely to GLN members in every major language market in the world. 

Managing foreign language product entails a rigorous process of coordinating multiple languages, movement of files for in territory localization and both creative and technical quality control to ensure that only the finest language versions reach the market.

 The Kitchen also maintains technical facilities and skilled personnel for editing, audio mixing and lay back, graphics customization, standards conversion and other post-production needs at its headquarters in Miami.

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 Subtitling services, by The Kitchen are available to and from every language. Our in-house translation department maintains an updated translation, adaptation and subtitling team, offering all language combinations to its clients, for all formats and genres of programming.

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The Kitchen is capable of providing a full array of Media Services that include:

  • Post Production
  • Transcoding
  • Digital Content Packages
  • Standards Conversion
  • SD to HD Up-res Services
  • Media Distribution and Contribution in all formats
  • Media Archiving
  • Metadata Creation and Metadata Localization
  • Graphic Creation
  • Live-Simultaneous Translations in Multiple Languages

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