The Kitchen BRAZIL

Sao Paulo, Brazil


One of the newest international “Kitchen’s”, formerly known as Estúdio Marka Produções Áudio Visuai, was founded in 2016. Marka was a word that was created to represent the dubbing company, since the founding principals’ wanted a name that passes on the idea of a “Mark” of quality and responsibility towards their clients.

The history of dubbing in Brazil goes back decades, and today virtually all foreign programs are dubbed for Brazilian TV audiences.  Films are generally both subtitled and dubbed, with dubbing typically the only choice for children’s movies. Subtitling was primarily the choice for adult movies in Brazil until 2012, and since then dubbed versions have become available for all age groups and all types of programming.  As a result, in recent years there has been a tremendous growth in local cinemas throughout the country attracting audiences that prefer only dubbed versions.


ANIBAL MUNHOZ is a well-known Brazilian actor and artistic director with a very respected 40-year history.  

ANA PAULA is the company’s Business administrator, specializing in Project Management. She is fluent in English, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese.


The Kitchen Brazil consists of three state of the art dubbing suites, designed and equipped with the highest modern digital technology.

Anibal Munhoz can be credited as Artistic Dubbing Director for such well-known series as Madam Secretary, Blind Spot, Blue Bloods, The NCIS franchise, Elemantary, Scorpion, Grachi, Naruto, Sex and The City, The Good Wife and more.


 +55 (11) 3833-0266
Rua Passo da Pátria, 112
CEP. 05085-000 - Lapa, São Paulo- SP – Brasil