Miami, Florida

The Kitchen, founded in 2001 with Ken Lorber as President, began as a localization facility for a leading South American group of television channels.  It’s reputation in the Latin American market quickly grew, and within months, the Miami-based operation was offering both Neutral Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese dubbing services for major networks, studios, producers, game developers and distribution companies from every continent.

Miami is a true international city, with an abundance of talent, and a global understanding of the business. It is close to Latin America and the gateway to the US from Europe.

Shortly after its introduction, The Kitchen’s TM Systems, created and developed the industry’s first end to end language localization software, which immediately gave the studio a unique status within the industry.  Within months of its introduction, The Kitchen won a prestigious Primetime Emmy® Award (2002) and then again in 2007 for “elevating the status of the overall language localization industry”.

For 18 years, The Kitchen’s reputation as a leading language services studio has grown rapidly, with exceptional brand recognition worldwide.

In early 2017, The Kitchen began a global expansion, that now proudly includes 12 owned and operated language dubbing facilities in countries around the world, offering clients the ability to centralize all of their localization needs.

“We are giving our clients the ability to unify all of their language needs, to and from every language, and for all genres and formats of programming,” Ken Lorber, who is the company’s President/CEO, added. “International networks and program distributors have increasingly been moving toward consolidating their localization work, selecting a global studio that can provide a multiple language service while maintaining overall quality and consistency.  As an abundance of programming today is offered in every language, there has never been a greater need for what we do.”

For more information: info@thekitchen.tv