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Karlsruhe is the second-largest city in the state of Baden-Württemberg, in southwest Germany, near the French-German border.

Karlsruhe is a city of culture. Fine arts and music play a major role in Karlsruhe. The Badisches Staats­thea­ter is a first-class establis­h­ment that sets standards beyond the region and which covers three aspects of the performing arts: ballet, opera and theatre, including children's and youth theatre. Numerous private theatres such as the Sandkorn­thea­ter and Kammer­thea­ter offer diver­si­fied programs, ranging from classical drama to folk theatre and from sophi­sti­ca­ted thought-provoking plays to comedy and enter­tain­ment.

In 2017, The Kitchen Germany was born. From the onset, The Kitchen Germany has been adapting and localizing many cartoons, films and series into German, from just about every language.

The Karlsruhe network of filmmakers, artists and broadcasters are professional, experienced, reliable and efficient. We help connect you while supporting your film production for all your logistic and infrastructure needs. This allows you the most efficient and fastest shooting schedule for your film. From low costs to great locations; Karlsruhe is where films are made. 

We offer the whole spectrum of film professionals from producers to directors, production managers to production assistants, directors of photography to steadicam operators, from sound engineers to lighting staff, editors to visual effects and from actors to stunt coordinators. These professionals bring years of film experience, reputation and talent with them.


The Kitchen Germany has built a great team, with many enthusiastic speakers and great competent sound engineers.

The Kitchen Germany is led by Andreas Kohler and Tina Wieland, both coming from the world of music. Andreas operated and helmed a recording studio in Germany for many years and has produced film music and commercials for hundreds of projects. Therefore, the German dubbing studio’s capabilities also include the composition and production of film music. In addition, all of the talented sound engineers, most of whom studied at the Filmhochschule Ludwigsburg, one of the most internationally reknowned film schools, are also excellent sound designers.

“We look forward to many exciting and challenging new projects here at The Kitchen Germany as we continue to grow.  We are thrilled to play such an important part in The Kitchen Family,“ Andreas Kohler added.


The Kitchen Germany provides language dubbing services for all formats and genres of programming.

3 Dubbing Suites
2.0 and 5.1 Mixing Capabilities
Music Composition

Recent Clients:
Mojo Makers
ZEE Entertainment


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