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Dubbing offered by The Kitchen is done both at its company owned and operated facilities and with “partners” at dubbing facilities around the World.  The Kitchen maintains its own state of the art facilities in Miami for recording primarily English, Neutral Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and Parisian French and sources most other foreign language translation and voice recording from highly qualified in-territory members of its’ Global Language Network. Videotapes are digitized at The Kitchen’s Miami facility and files are sent, swiftly and securely to GLN members in every major language market in the world. 

Managing foreign language product entails a rigorous process of coordinating multiple languages, movement of files for in territory localization and both creative and technical quality control to ensure that only the finest language versions reach the market.

The Kitchen also maintains technical facilities and skilled personnel for editing, audio mixing and layback, graphics customization, standards conversion and other post-production needs at its headquarters in Miami.

In some cases, original music and effects are not available for a project that requires localized voices. 

The Kitchen is one of the very few language conversion facilities that provide both the necessary equipment and talented personnel to recreate both the music and effects required. Our staff of musicians, foley artists and talented mixers has many years of experience in the art of creating music and sound effects for television, films and DVD distribution.

A growing aspect of the language customization industry is the need to convert not only voices, but graphics, as well. Many film and television programs (especially for children or in video games) utilize any variety of language specific graphics as an inherent part of their program. The skilled graphics designers at The Kitchen have the ability to recreate the look and feel of virtually any graphics and redesign them into the appropriate language for any target market.

Our combination of proprietary software and state of the art, third party technology is designed to streamline the language localization workflow and support the human element throughout all the phases of the process.

Our Emmy® Award-Winning TM SOFTWARE™ suite comprises four modules of the industry’s first and only fully integrated, non-linear language localization system for translation, dubbing and subtitling of film and video. The company is the recipient of the 2002 and 2007 Primetime Emmy® Award for Technical Achievement for the creation and implementation of its “Digital Solution to Language Translation, Dubbing and Subtitling Worldwide.” The software is used throughout the facility’s 18 dubbing suites in Miami, and six dubbing suites in Caracas.

All of our studios use state of the art Protools digital audio workstation to record and mix.

An Aspera Digidelivery server is the backbone of our digital asset management system.

Our technical hub in Miami includes the latest video, audio and network hardware and software, with redundant servers to safeguard our data and maintain mission critical availability.

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More and more companies and government organizations operate in, or have the need to communicate with locations around the world where their employees, customers and vendors speak other languages. Even within the U.S. companies and governments need to reach customers who may not speak English. Many government organizations require that their English communications also be distributed in Neutral Spanish.

Language localization of business and technical videos and films require specialized skills due to what is often very unique terminology, graphics and subject matter. The Kitchen has many years of experience in working with corporate and government clients. We regularly provide language localization of training videos, website videos, corporate communications, government meetings and presentations. We work with advertising agencies to customize their commercial videos into other languages.

The Kitchen has translators, adaptors, artistic directors and voice talent who specialize in working with business and government videos. We work closely with each client to determine the best presentation style for their unique videos, including guidance in the decision to use lip synch, voice over or subtitling. Often the best solution is a combination of styles.

Most business and technical videos include graphics. Our experienced team of graphic designers will customize a solution for each video. We work with videos in any format including web-based and mobile formats. Our award-winning audio team is capable of adding sounds, boosting acoustics, leveling ambient sounds and more.

Our proprietary TM Systems™ software and processes allow us to complete projects on a quick turnaround basis, with greater efficiency and further reduction in the cost of language localization, especially when we are asked to localize material into multiple languages.

The Kitchen offers an elite group of experienced “Live/Simultaneous” translators for on-the-spot translation, to and from English, Latin Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French and Italian.  This is a unique skill, and our translators are some of the very best in the industry.

Our translators are based in Miami and Los Angeles and are available to travel domestically and internationally.

We provide voices yearly for such events as: The Prime Time Emmys; The Latin Grammys; The Pope; Presidential Debates and “live” broadcasts of any kind.

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The Kitchen goes through an exhaustive process to guarantee the finest subtitling projects possible. When we receive your materials, we do a first QC, to discover any possible technical deficiencies. Once approved, your material is digitized and stored on our servers.  

We then create an “as recorded”, subtitling template with time codes.   While this is being prepared, our language services department is searching through our global database of hundreds of translators, seeking the best-suited talent for your subtitling project in any required language.

Once completed in territory, the translated subtitle files go through a rigorous quality control process and are then e-mailed back to The Kitchen's main facilities where the subtitling process is completed. Subtitles are burned-in to subtitled sub masters, or files are created for virtual subtitles used in DVD authoring, or other broadcast systems.  

The finished job is then either electronically, or physically, shipped back to you, or your designated recipient.

Video games are one of the fastest growing international localization markets today. As their reach and complexity grows worldwide, so does the need to perfectly localize them into other languages.

The Kitchen helps video game developers bring their creations to life in English, Neutral Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and Parisian French, from translation and adaptation, to dubbing and sound effects.

The Kitchen’s experienced language team understands how specific and unique each game is, and how these needs vary according to each genre and each title.

It is precisely because of the individual differences inherent in each game, that The Kitchen goes the extra mile to understand each of these individual gameplay mechanics and storylines, which builds the basis of its localization decisions.

Staffed with an experienced global localization team, The Kitchen is prepared to provide any and all in-game text, from dialogue to UI menus, as well provide revision, trans creation, a refined casting process and the recording of character voices.

The Kitchen prides itself in saying that,  “We don't just have a specialized video games team; we have people who are passionate about video games, who understand the importance of each process, from file naming, to the ever- changing, unique content, who want to continue to mold the future of video games in general.”

It is more common than not, that a particular localization project requires some simple editing to either create, or delete, "commercial blacks", cut to time, edit for censorship issues, or any other reason. The Kitchen maintains a complete edit facility with a staff of skilled editors to custom tailor your project to your needs without ever leaving the premises.  With the vast array of services offered at The Kitchen, it is clearly one the of most comprehensive service organizations in the entire field of language customization.

The Kitchen operates a comprehensive Traffic and Library Services Department that manages tape libraries for various clients.  

The Traffic Department oversees all incoming and outgoing program elements, working directly with clients to determine the best route for shipping and receiving all formats of programming.

The Library Services Department provides storage facilities in temperature and humidity controlled areas, and oversees shipping for clients on a scheduled and impromptu basis.