Ken Lorber, President and CEO of The Kitchen, oversees the day to day operation of the company, having catapulted the language translation, dubbing and subtitling facility to one of prominence throughout the global industry.

Lorber is an experienced television facilities industry executive, having created and built successful facilities in both New York and Miami over the past 30 years.  

As President of Post Edge in Miami, he was one of the key industry executives responsible for the development of the international production industry in South Florida.  He is credited with securing major contracts with MTV Latino, the Discovery Channel Latin America and many other broadcast and production entities, contributing to the creation of the region as a major international production center.

In 1999, Lorber left Post Edge and developed the business plan for The Kitchen, a television broadcast and language customization company, then a division of the South American media conglomerate, Cisneros Television Group. He oversaw the company’s design, construction, development, and staffing, and then operated The Kitchen until the company’s acquisition by Claxson Interactive, an Argentinean based media group.

In 2001, Lorber and partners acquired The Kitchen, from Claxson, where he again spearheaded the language customization and production activities of the organization.

Over the past 18 years, The Kitchen studios at 265 NE 24th Street grew from a half of a floor, to occupying an entire five story building, designated as “The Kitchen” Building by the Mayor of the City of Miami, and from 10 full time employees, to nearly 40 full time staff, another 30 part time staff and hundreds of freelance translators and actors.


Don Denkhaus is Chairman of The Kitchen’s Board of Directors and serves as its Chief Financial Officer.  He brings more than thirty years of financial experience to the company.  Don was a senior partner with Arthur Andersen, a Big Four accounting firm, and was in charge of their South Florida audit practice for fifteen years.  He has extensive experience with corporate financings, mergers and acquisitions, as well as initial public offerings.

Initially an investor in The Kitchen, Don took on the responsibilities of Chief Financial Officer and has overseen the day to day finances of the company as well as developing strategic financial planning for the past 12 years.


Deeny Kaplan, Executive Vice President, of The Kitchen, spearheads the domestic and international sales and marketing efforts for the company, and is responsible for its global sales teams.

Deeny is a 30 year veteran of the production and entertainment industries.  She began her career with broadcasting entities such as KDKA-TV, in Pittsburgh; WBZ-TV, in Boston and WABC in New York.  She later kept a pulse on the industry as Feature Editor for two major publications, Millimeter and Backstage in New York, and is credited as Founding Editor of Video Magazine, the first consumer video publication in the market.

Upon relocating to South Florida, Deeny competed against 250 applicants to secure the position of Director of the Miami Dade County Film Office, where she marketed to and oversaw projects for: Oliver Stone, James Cameron, Jerry Bruckheimer and Jerry Weintraub.  She was directly responsible for tripling the local production business in South Florida, bringing such applauded productions as True Lies with Arnold Schwartzennegger, Ace Ventura with Jim Carrey and The Birdcage with Robin Williams, to Miami.

Kaplan is a managing partner in The Kitchen, and has been responsible for the company’s sales and marketing efforts since its inception.


Alexis Cardenas, serves as Vice President International Sales for The Kitchen, originally operating out of the company’s Miami headquarters, and now responsible for the company’s first overseas sales offices, based in Madrid, Spain.

Madrid was selected to house The Kitchen’s first international sales effort because of its centralized European location, and its recognized status as one of the continent’s true burgeoning production communities.

As a 7-year veteran of The Kitchen’s Executive team, with a keen knowledge of the European production and programming market, Alexis is the perfect team member to spearhead the company’s new sales effort.

Alexis continues to maintain relationships with the diverse South American Spanish, US Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese clients as well.

Language localization, now considered one of the fastest-growing segments of the global production marketplace, has given Alexis the ability to work with global clients wanting the best possible customization of their programming, to and from all languages, at cost effective pricing.

Prior to joining The Kitchen, Alexis spent ten years working in the distribution side of the business, an excellent background for understanding the specific needs of this fast-growing segment of the global industry. Additionally, Alexis has a strong knowledge of marketing and finance in the international marketplace. She also possesses the type of energetic personality, and keen knowledge of the business that puts her clients at ease immediately.

She is a graduate of Florida International University with a major in International Business Administration and Finance.


Yoram Chertok has been responsible for growing and managing The Kitchen’s EMEA since its inception in 2017. In this position, Yoram spearheads the company’s expansion into Europe, The Middle East and Africa.  While offices for the new subsidiary are in London, Yoram travels throughout the territories from his home base in Israel.

Yoram had been working as a provider for The Kitchen’s dubbing work into German, Russian and Arabic for several years, delivering high quality product each time.  A working relationship between The Kitchen and Yoram steadily developed and grew and a formal relationship was created with the birth of The Kitchen EMEA, with Yoram as Managing Director.

Yoram has worked in many areas of the industry, from language localization, to network operations and distribution, and is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of the business on an international level.

The Kitchen has a very aggressive plan to continue to expand facilities and services over the next few years.   In its first 24 months as The Kitchen EMEA, new owned and operated studios were launched in Russia, Moldova, Turkey, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, The Netherlands,  Hungary. Additionally, The Kitchen opened new studios in Brazil and Mexico.  


Maritza Alvarado, is Vice President Operations of The Kitchen, with supervisional responsibilities that include: Operations; Casting; Language Services; The Hub; Dubbing Production and Audio Production.

A graduate of the University of Puerto Rico, with a major in Communication and Film/TV, Maritza brings many years of experience to her position, including a deep knowledge of communication, production and post production.

Maritza has worked extensively with both Tim Fox, VP of Engineering and Facilities, and Ken Lorber, President/CEO, in the past, and having the opportunity to work together again, she feels that the team can continue to be the very best in the business, bringing a cohesiveness on every level, all benefiting the future of the company.


Tim Fox, Vice President of Engineering and Facilities, is responsible for the physical and electronic well being of the company.  Tim has been working alongside Ken Lorber for more than 25 years and has been the point person for all facility development, construction, upgrades and maintenance.

Tim’s background stems from the broadcast business, having worked in various production capacities from cameraman, to production manager, to head of operations.

Tim first worked with Ken Lorber in developing the studio and post-production facilities to service the production needs of MTV Latino, Discovery Latin America, and numerous other clients. He has developed many of the approaches used by The Kitchen to ensure a smooth and efficient delivery of superior dubbing and subtitling projects.