The Kitchen FRANCE

Montpellier, France


The Kitchen France was created two years ago at the Marnie Production facility in Montpellier.  

Marnie is owned by David Thiers and Orazio Frisicale, who are associates in the new Kitchen venture.


David Thiers, Associate
Orazio Frisicale, Associate
Experienced producers with a demonstrated history of working in the film industry.

Orazio and David own several companies together for a number of years and have produced many short and feature films, fiction and documentaries.

Théo Hourbeigt, Managing Director
Experienced Sound Designer with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry.  Théo, who has many feature film credits as a sound designer and mixer, will run the day to day operations at The Kitchen France.

He is skilled in Pro Tools, Audio Engineering, Audio Editing, Audio Post Production, and Adobe Creative Suite.


CPU and Accessories:

  • Working station Dell Intel Xeon X5687 3.60GHz 18GoRam 250GoSSD, 4To Sata Raid

  • 4 flatscreens 22” and 1 flatscreen UHD 50”

  • Protools 12HD


  • 6m2 Recording Cabin

  • AKG and shure Mic, Tbone Foot Push to Talk as talkback

  • Neve 1073 PreAmp

  • RME convertor (Presonus, M-Audio, Focusrite are avalaible)

Surround Audit:

  • 3Adam T7v (L,R,C) 2Adam F7 (Ls,Lr) 1KRK sub 10s2(Lfe)

  • Controled by the SPL SMC 2489 Surround Monitor Controller

DAW Controler:

  • AVID Artist Mix

  • AVID Artist Control

The studio is built for dubbing, voice over, recording music and/or foley.

TKF can provide good quality of reccording, but also sound design.

The Surround Adam Audio audit provide Classic Stereo or Surround mix in R128 standart


 +33 (0)7 83 88 65 22
16  Rue Bourrely, 34000 Montpellier, France