Video games are considered one of the fastest growing segments of the international language localization business today. As their reach and complexity grows worldwide, so does the need to perfectly localize them into other languages, and for all ages and skills of players.

The Kitchen works with video game developers to bring their creations to life in all languages, from translation and adaptation, to dubbing and sound effects.

The Kitchen’s experienced language team understands how specific and unique each game is, and how these needs vary according to each genre, age range and each title.

The Kitchen goes the extra mile to understand each of these individual gameplay mechanics and storylines, which builds the basis of its localization decisions.

Staffed with an experienced global localization team, The Kitchen is prepared to provide any and all in-game text, from dialogue to UI menus, as well provide revision, trans creation, a refined casting process and the recording of character voices.

The Kitchen prides itself in saying that,  “We don't just have a specialized video games team; we have people who are passionate about video games, who understand the importance of each process, from file naming, to the ever-changing, unique content, who want to continue to mold the future of video games in general.”