The Kitchen HUNGARY



Prior to becoming The Kitchen Hungary, our Budapest-based studio was part of 333 Media, with a long, rich history in the production and localization business, and an impressive list of clients including TV2, Vintage TV, Deko TV and MTV1.  

Currently operating 2 fully equipped dubbing studios, and mixing rooms, our operation in Hungary provides state of the art technical facilities and adequate space to grow as demand increases.



Gabor Somogyi, Managing Director of The Kitchen Hungary has more than a decade of media experience from RTL/IKO cable television channels as New Media Director and Channel Director of thematic channel Fishing and Hunting. Recently he was the Country Director for Vintage TV in Hungary.

Lajos Petro is the Managing Partner who is a real media veteran having 20 year’s media experience in television productions, post production and localization. He also started his media carrier in RTL/IKO introducing interactive television in Hungary.

Balazs Garami, a well known 20-year industry sound engineering veteran serves as Chief Sound Engineer.

Norbert Szűcs, a respected producer and composer, will be leading the music reproduction and localization department.  


The Kitchen Hungary provides language dubbing services for all formats  and genres of programming including:

  • MTV "bella calamida" LOLA full series

  • Thematic channels

  • House Hunters series

  • Radio commercials

  • Tv commercials

  • TV Promos

  • Vintage TV, series: Sessions, My Vintage, Vintage Club, Promos, Commercials


+36 1 209 3859
Beregszász út 101, Budapest, 1118, Hungary