The Kitchen International offers many language localization opportunities: French; German; Italian; Castilian; Romanian; Russian; Dutch; Turkish; Hungarian; Brazilian Portuguese; Neutral Spanish and US English.

All of our talented language teams are native speakers, from the translators and directors, to the mixers and talent. 

With over 50 dubbing suites worldwide, The Kitchen’s capabilities for volume work are extremely robust, with templates created that insure consistency when projects are dubbed in multiple languages.


In some cases, original music and effects are not available for a projects that require localized voices. The Kitchen, in all of its global studios, provides both the necessary equipment and talented personnel to recreate both the music and effects required. Our staff of musicians, foley artists and talented mixers have many years of experience in the art of creating music and sound effects for television, films and digital distribution.


A growing aspect of the language customization industry is the need to convert not only voices, but graphics and forced narratives as well. Many film and television programs (especially for children or in video games) utilize language specific graphics as a part of their programs. The skilled graphics designers at The Kitchen have the ability to recreate the look and feel of virtually any graphics and redesign them into the appropriate language for any target market.


The Kitchen records audiobooks to and from every language.  Audiobooks can be distributed on any audio format available. The popularity of audiobooks has grown significantly in the past 20 years, primarily due to the ability for the listener to multi-task while listening, in addition to their essential need for the vision impaired.

While English still remains the most popular audiobook language, we are seeing an increase in many European and Asian languages as well. Children’s audiobooks too, are seeing a tremendous growth worldwide.


The Kitchen offers an elite group of experienced “Live/Simultaneous” interpreters for live broadcasts, to and from English, Latin Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French and Italian.  This is a unique skill, and our translators are some of the very best in the industry.

Our translators for these languages are based in Miami and Los Angeles and are available to travel domestically and internationally.

We provide voices yearly for such events as The Primetime Emmys®, The Latin Grammys, The Pope, Presidential Debates and “live” broadcasts of any kind, such as the recent Spike series “Adam Corolla and Friends Build Stuff Live”. Our simultaneous translator voices are used regularly for networks such as: CNN; CNN Espanol; E! Entertainment; NBCUni; Telemundo; Discovery and Univision.


Both stereo and 5.1 mixing capabilities are available throughout the family of “Kitchen” studios worldwide.  The ability to “mix” to and from every language, at every location, gives The Kitchen an unlimited resource for mixing of all formats and genres of programming.  


For more information please email: info@thekitchen.tv