Conecta Fiction TV Co-Production Market/Spain & The Kitchen



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                        JUNE 1, 2019

Pamplona:  The third year of ConectaFiction-Spain, touted to be a most important bridge between the European and Latin American television communities, is set for June 17-20.

In its 3rd edition, ConectaFICTION will continue to enhance its reputation as an international co-pro and networking event by focusing on two countries, each from a different continent. Chile will be the American Focus country and Italy will serve as the European Focus country.

“Now that The Kitchen has an established and productive European sales office, based in Madrid, our goal is to be involved, and instrumental, in all European-based opportunities,” Alexis Cardenas, VP International Sales for the Kitchen explained. “We’ve been a key player in the Latin American market for over 18 years, and our intent is to follow the same path within Europe.”

 “With the addition of our new studio in Madrid this year, and the other 8 studios we’ve launched in the EMEA territories, ConectaFiction gives us the opportunity to meet with Spanish fiction producers, distributors and channels, as well as distributors and producers from other Eurasian territories, in an intimate/concentrated and most productive environment. Now that we have such a large presence infrastructurally, in Europe, we’re ready to create awareness of this presence and begin developing close-knit relationships with the executives in these territories. Our goal at ConectaFiction is to extend our expanded/growing, language offerings to clients from all countries.”

“The Kitchen is known for the personal service/attention it offers its clients and we’ve taken our boutique service style and increased our language offerings to better serve, both large and small companies, by providing them with a centralized solution for all their languages needs, Cardenas explained.”

With European locations in Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Turkey and Hungary, Russia, and Moldova, as well as locations in Mexico, Brazil and the US, “The goal is to always lead the way in the language localization process,” Cardenas added.

The Kitchen is the industry’s only Emmy Award Winning language translation, dubbing and subtitling studios.  At The Kitchen’s worldwide, we work to and from most languages, for all formats and genres of programming.  With headquarter studios in the USA, The Kitchen also has language localization studios in: Mexico; Brazil; Russia; Moldova; Hungary; Turkey; Italy; Germany; France and Spain, with additional locations to be announced shortly.  For further information please visit The Kitchen website at, or email:

The Kitchen