The Kitchen MOLDOVA

Chisinau, Moldova


Prior to becoming The Kitchen Moldova in 2016, the studio had a long history in dubbing and voice over recording. As one of the first private and the largest sound recording studio in Moldova, the operation which was previously known as Cellar Door, has proven expertise and has been trusted with many major domestic and foreign projects over the years.

The studio has access to a deep pool of artists allowing the selection of the talent and voices which will best suit each particular project through rigorous castings.

The Kitchen Moldova holds the distinction of being the very first international Kitchen studio.


Eugene Sirbu
Co-founder The Kitchen Moldova

With years of experience in telecommunication, and having attended many media related conferences, Eugene realized that Moldova is a true “land of opportunity” for subtitling and dubbing activity for both the Russian and Romanian languages.  

From the onset, the two activities, dubbing and subtitling, were a success in the country of Moldova, with projects for local ,or nearby countries, filling up the company’s schedule.

With two dubbing studios operating full time, Eugene’s main goal and vision for the company was to create a local community of professionals that will bring The Kitchen Moldova to a true international level. He has succeeded.

When the company took the challenge to work with Netflix, Eugene's confidence was a major factor in accomplishing the high requirements needed to have the job properly done and it all resulted in the creation of a greatly expanded team.

Now, when years of experience speak for themselves, Eugene and his team continue to broaden the company's horizons of activity, seizing more challenging projects on a daily basis. His insight and passion built not just a company, but a home that connected a community of exceptional minds with one of the greatest international language localization companies in the business.

Cristina Jitari
Managing Director The Kitchen Moldova

With years of experience in journalism, public relations and copywriting, Cristina accepted the challenge of creating something that was never even dreamt of in Moldova before, that of a high-quality subtitling department to service international clients from around the globe.

Cristina was a key member of The Kitchen Moldova team from the start, beginning as a project manager back in 2016, when the company was established. After spearheading many successful projects in the subtitling department, she her knowledge and understanding of the complexity of the business lead her to then take over the dubbing department as well.

Putting together a very talented team in both departments and making great progress in communication with clients, by delivering high-quality products, Cristina was named Managing Director.

Today, her main goal is to build and maintain a healthy and prosperous relationship with clients through hard work and the delivery of high quality products. She coordinates, leads and manages the entire process, and is eager to start new and challenging projects that will prove the company's high level of potential of accomplishment as part of The Kitchen “family of international language companies.”


As an integral part of every recording, the sound engineers at Kitchen Moldova are highly experienced and skilled professionals. Every dubbing project is supervised by a dedicated dubbing expert, who works directly with the voice artists to ensure a portrayal of the characters true to the original.

The Kitchen Moldova also has a proven reputation in quality translation having worked on numerous titles for clients as Netflix. This quality is achieved thanks to the many experienced in-house translators, some of whom have been a part of the company since its very beginning.


The Kitchen Moldova provides Post Production and localization services such as Dubbing, Voice-over, Subtitling, Translation, Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR), Audio Final Mix, Sound Design, Music Recreation, Effects Recreation, Graphics, Closed Captioning and other creative services.


  • 2 record rooms

  • 3 mixing rooms

  • 5.1 audio mixing


+373 79416536
38B, Hancesti Street, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova